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How to select a best outdoor headlamp ?

Strong light headlamp selection skills:
1. Easy to recharge the battery. It is best to use an explosion-proof headlamp that can be charged everywhere, even in a small mountain village, as long as there is electricity, or in most cases the ideal battery with this characteristic is 18650 batteries.
2. Power saving. It is impossible to carry a large number of batteries for outdoor activities, so try to use high-efficiency bright LED headlamp to ensure sufficient brightness and long battery life. It is best to have a high-light headlamp with a low-brightness profile that can reach more than tens of hours, in case it can continue to illuminate every night for more than a week in extreme cases.
3. Good waterproof performance. Compared with home use, the first problem to be solved in the powerful headlamp is waterproof. The reassuring waterproof standard is of course IP66. It can be used normally when soaked in shallow water. Of course, it is not a problem to fight against rain. In a certain sense According to the above, waterproof is also a part of outdoor reliability.
4. Multi-level dimming. The emergence of multi-level dimming technology finally makes brightness and battery life appear on the same LED headlamp. You can choose the most suitable brightness for different purposes such as camping, hiking, searching, etc., while saving precious power reasonably. At the same time, the multi-level dimming technology has also derived many auxiliary functions, such as the SOS distress signal, which can send out the Morse code for help when encountering danger, and ask for help from search and rescue personnel.
5. High reliability. Outdoor sports require lighting tools to be “available at any time”. If lighting tools with poor reliability fail to work at a critical moment, it is fatal, and the most serious may lead to life-threatening. Therefore, high reliability is the most important principle for choosing LED outdoor sports lighting tools.
6. High brightness. The environment of outdoor activities is complicated, and no one can guarantee what kind of situation you will face. When high-brightness lighting is required, it is very dangerous for the powerful headlamp to be powerless. Therefore, a high-brightness head lamp is an essential lighting tool, especially for exploring unfamiliar roads. The maximum brightness of the high power headlamp should preferably exceed 200 lumens.
7. Small and light. Outdoor rechargeable led headlamp should be as small in size and light in weight as possible, so that they will not increase the load and save energy when carried outside. Generally, it is best to control personal outdoor head torch within 150g. Of course, large-area lighting waterproof Headlamp need to be different in weight, volume and brightness.

Post time: Dec-19-2022